Diamond heart

For evigt

Take you down


Happy now


Hurt you


This town


Tusen bitar

Whatever it takes

It's gonna be ok

I'm really sorry
Sorry I dragged you into this
I overthink, that's all it is
The way you love me
The way you love me 'til the end
The way you love me
Oh yeah, it makes me king (queen) again


Remixed x 2


We can hurt together

There ain't nothing you can say to scare me away
I got history too, and it's never to late
Share a secret today, I reciprocrate
Baby, I got you
So hurt with me
I'll hurt with you
Baby, you know we can hurt together
I've been where you've been
I've seen what you've seen
So hurt with me
We can hurt together


Tack för idag

Stå upp för dej själv, stå för ditt ord
Lita på känslan du bär inombords
Utan kompromiss, vik aldrig av
Livet är en gåva om vi väljer att må bra

Nån annan


Cold ain't for me

I can't stop thinking bout the sand in my feet
I got a heartache cause cold ain't for me
I wish my worries would wash into the sea
Cause it's far to cold darling, cold ain't for me

Into you



Me, Myself & I

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